De notre livre d'or

For me is the one of the best places in Budapest, even best :) We found it randomly. Excellent service, very good food and best prices, this is the less I can say, Thank you!

What a great find! Both the food and the service were fantastic. Be sure to try one of the craft beers as well.

Super cool place, really loved it! :)

Very nice atmosphere and service. Good food - and I can definitely recommend their cheese cake

It`s just simply perfect. The cutest place in town

C'est magnifique

Magical atmosphere, great service and wonderful coffee. It's like you spend time in a fairytale-scene. We found it randomly on dark afternoon, but I'm so glad we did. It lights the spirit instantly up and you just can't stop smiling when you get inside and discover all the little details. Thanks very much! ‹3

Cok keyifli ve lezzetli yemek, guzel sunum

lovely place, little Paris in Budapest

Very good food! Amazing restaurant in Budapest!